Featured Artists

Gus Carrozza


Gaspare (Gus) always had an interest in drawing and art at school, but it was only after 20 years of working in the corporate IT industry, that he made the decision to follow his true passion and return to his art.

Linda Swinfield

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Linda Swinfield      Artist Statement

Intrinsic to my artmaking is an inquisitive examination of place (site), family and memory- attached to both personal and collective histories. As an artist I challenge histories and attempt to question it via research, incorporating personal, traditional and social histories to construct narratives with images both found and fabricated.

Jane Tadrist


My art practice is an ongoing exploration of a sense of place and identity. Collections of work have been inspired by the south coast of England; brutalist modern architecture of British ‘new towns’ and more distant destinations such as Nepal. I believe that to understand myself I need to reflect on what has shaped me by examining my own environment and that of others.

The common thread throughout my work is care and respect for people and community. By working on different scales and collaboratively with artists and members of the public my work seeks to engage and give others the opportunity to view the commonplace from a different perspective.



Christopher Vidal

Chris studied art (drawing and painting) at the Palazzo De La Salle in Valletta, Malta for 3 years. He has been organising classes and workshops in Parramatta for the last year.

Chris’s artwork consists of primarily landscapes in oils and acrylics, however he does some other work from time to time, different subjects and media.


Alison James





Alison James holds a Diploma in Fine Arts and practices a variety of art disciplines however mainly focuses on ceramics.